2024-04-30 Turkmenistan New Manat News

Summary of Last Month

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  • Daily High:
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  • Difference of Daily High & Low:

Statistical Measures

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Overall Trend Analysis

Upon analyzing the dataset, it is quite evident that the exchange rate of TMT fluctuates during the given time period. It initially begins at 0.38964 and ends at 0.3898. Throughout the dataset, minimal peaks and drops can be spotted, indicating that there is a slight but consistent fluctuation in the exchange rate. However, there is no substantial upward or downward trend visible; the trend seems pretty stable.


The dataset does not show a clear pattern of seasonality or recurring patterns either in short-term or in the long-term trends. Exchange rates generally do not follow a predictable, season-related pattern due to the large number of factors that can influence exchange rates, and this data set appears to be a reflection of that reality. The indication of any seasonal shift would need larger data over a longer period including month and season data.

Outliers Identification

As for the outliers, there seems to be no noticeable anomalies within the dataset. The exchange rate fluctuates within a small range, making it hard to determine an absolute outlier. It is worth mentioning that financial data of this nature can be complex, and this analysis takes into account general trend observation and does not employ complex statistical methods to spot outliers.

External Factors

The data provided does not contain any significant spikes or drops that might be attributable to external market events such as financial news or reports, market opening/closing hours, or weekends/holidays. Assessing the impact of these factors would require a deeper and more contextual analysis, often involving additional external data sources. Given the data provided, such an assessment is out of scope.

ge The Turkmistan Manat (TMT) has seen a remarkable oscillating movement during the last 24 hours, witnessing a substantial rise in its value that caught market watchers by surprise. The unexpected uptick in the exchange rates offers fresh insights into the foreign exchange market dynamics and could have far-reaching implications for businesses. The intriguing turn of events began unfolding at the start of the day, with subtle fluctuations in the TMT exchange rates recorded over the early hours. The initial analysis did not suggest any dramatic movements; however, the scenario took an unexpected turn as the day progressed. The TMT value started climbing steadily, starting at 0.38964, and the increase in value was consistent throughout the day. Interestingly, the hike did not turn out to be a short-lived phenomenon as the currency continued to strengthen against the dollar. Mid-day saw the exchange rate climbing to an impressive 0.39068, a peak that didn’t hold for long but was indeed a focal point of the day. The late afternoon merger, however, saw the TMT rates plummeting to 0.38914, showcasing a rare drop within the day. Despite the brief setback, the currency rebounded swiftly, climbing back within 0.389 range, maintaining its stability for major part of the day before surging again in the late evening to a noteworthy high of 0.38984. This roller coaster movement of TMT has generated much debate and brought fresh attention to the currency on the forex market. While the specific factors driving the fluctuations are still under analysis, there''s a general consensus that global economic conditions and market sentiment played a significant role in the exchange rate dynamics. The fluctuating TMT exchange rates have broad implications for the foreign exchange market and businesses with trade relationships with Turkmenistan. Companies stand to benefit or lose from these fluctuations, depending on their exposure to the currency. For investors, the volatility can offer lucrative opportunities, provided they can anticipate the direction of the market correctly. Looking beyond the immediate effects, it''s essential to understand the potential long-term impacts of these fluctuations. Are we seeing the start of a significant bullish turn for TMT, or is the currency likely to stabilize in the days to come? For now, the answers remain elusive. While the analysts continue to delve deeper into identifying underlying phenomena driving these changes, investors and market enthusiasts are advised to closely watch the upcoming trends in TMT exchange rates. As one thing remains certain in the labyrinth of foreign exchange – the only constant is change, and keener eyes tend to spot better prospects.Breakout Movement in TMT Exchange Rates Noteworthy Upsurge

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