2024-05-21 Rupiah News

Summary of Last Month

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Data Overview

From a preliminary view, the given time-series data provides an exchange rate (IDR) at varying timestamps spanning from 2024-05-20 00:00:02 to 2024-05-20 23:55:02. The frequency of the observations seems to be roughly every five minutes. The exchange rate alternates between 8.0E-5 and 9.0E-5, with 9.0E-5 being the most frequently occurring exchange rate.

Overall Trend

The Overall Trend in the exchange rates is quite stable with only negligible fluctuations between 8.0E-5 and 9.0E-5. The rate generally remains stable at 9.0E-5 for extended periods, before dipping briefly to 8.0E-5. This setup is sustained throughout the day, making it hard to highlight a traditional 'increasing' or 'decreasing' trend.

Seasonality or Recurring Patterns

From a cursory view of the time-series data, no discernable regular seasonality or periodic pattern is observed in the exchange rates. However, a slight irregular variance is observed - the rate tends to drop from 9.0E-5 to 8.0E-5 later hours of the day, but does not consistently display this behavior. A more in-depth analysis or a more extended data set might yield more significant results to establish any form of seasonality.


In this given context, the exchange rate tends to flip between 8.0E-5 and 9.0E-5, thus making both the commonly occurring values. There are no data points that deviate from these two values; thus, we can interpret that there are no outliers in this dataset as per the conventional definition of an 'outlier'. All the observations align with the frequently occurring exchange rate, which oscillates between the two predefined values.

ity The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) exchange rate has demonstrated an outstanding steadiness over the past 24 hours. Financial analysts are closely studying this exceptional stability and its potential impacts on the market. The data, collected over a full day from early morning to midnight, shows the IDR exchange rate persistently hovering around the 9.0E-5 marker. While minor fluctuations are an integral part of any currency''s behavior, the IDR''s consistency is noteworthy, experiencing a slight dip to the 8.0E-5 only a handful of times throughout the entire period. Foreign currency exchange rates are inherently dynamic, influenced by a multitude of factors ranging from geopolitical events, economic indicators, and market sentiment. Yet, the IDR has remained astonishingly constant, providing an element of predictability in a normally volatile market. This remarkable situation is a double-edged sword. On one end, the ongoing stability can be viewed as a symbol of IDR''s resilience amidst global financial unpredictability. It proves attractive to conservative investors seeking stability over high but risky returns. On the other hand, it''s crucial to note that a lack of movement in currency rates can narrow profit margins for traders involved in Forex trading. The minimal fluctuations mean limited opportunities for profit based on buying low and selling high. However, the steady IDR could stimulate the local economy. Businesses and investors alike appreciate predictability, and this could enhance international trade and investment into Indonesia. Moreover, it is important to consider how this stability might avert potential economic issues. A volatile exchange rate can lead to uncertain economic conditions and may increase the costs of imports and exports. Therefore, the ongoing steadiness of the IDR may ease such concerns for Indonesia, promoting smooth economic activity. Despite the positive aspects, economic experts caution against becoming complacent. They advise market participants to maintain vigilance, noting that it is unusual for any currency to maintain such a consistent rate over an extended period. They speculate that there may be upcoming economic adjustments or policy changes that could disrupt this balance. While the current steadiness offers an opportunity for specific economic sectors to leverage this rare predictability, the Forex market is a domain of ceaseless change. Market watchers should keep a close eye on the IDR''s performance as well as national and international financial news, ready to adjust their strategies when the winds of the market inevitably shift. Overall, the situation presents a unique opportunity for a detailed examination of the factors leading to this market stability, providing enlightening insights into the dynamics of the IDR exchange rate. The financial world watches with anticipation to decipher the lasting impacts of this phenomenon.Unwavering IDR Exchange Rates Maintain Remarkable Stability

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