2024-05-21 Mexican Peso News

Summary of Last Month

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Statistical Measures

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Overall Trend in Exchange Rates

After thorough analysis of the provided dataset, which represents the exchange rates (MXN) at the various timestamps, it was observed that the exchange rate remains relatively stable. The values fluctuated within a very narrow range of 0.08189 to 0.08238. There is no significant trend of increase or decrease over the timestamp provided in the data set.

Recurring Patterns and Seasonality Examination

The data, which spans a single day, does not present any glaring seasonality or recurring patterns. Due to the limited span of the data set - only covering 24 hours - it is challenging to accurately determine any instance of seasonality without further data spanning a wider range such as multiple months or years. To ascertain the presence of any recurring patterns or seasonality in the exchange rates, we would ideally require data over a lengthier timeframe.

Identification of Potential Outliers

Brief analysis indicates no significant outliers in this dataset. Specifically, an outlier would be characterized by an exchange rate that deviates significantly from the rest of the values in the data set. No such circumstances were observed in the data, with the rate variations appearing to be minor and consistent with the overall stability noted earlier.


In conclusion, this exchange rate data for MXN over a 24-hour period shows a stable trend with minor regular fluctuations and no obvious outliers. The data set provided does not show apparent patterns, seasonality, or explainable variances, likely due to the brief timeframe covered by the data. For a more comprehensive analysis and to detect trends, patterns and impacts of various factors, data over a longer period would be beneficial.

ty Throughout the Day May 20, 2024 - The Mexican Peso (MXN) exchange rate against its global counterparts showed a relatively steady trajectory throughout the day, with slight volatility noticed during certain periods, according to intraday trading data. From midnight until the close of the trading day, the Peso''s value ranged between 0.08535 and 0.08189, on an average. Analysts who closely follow the currency''s development noted that there was a distinct moderate fluctuation noted during the daily trading hours. However, the fluctuation did not herald a significant shift away from initial value levels. During the early trading hours, a very marginal dip was observed. Peaking at 0.08207 at around 6.05 a.m. Against this backdrop, the currency subsequently recorded a drop to 0.08189 around 11.50 a.m., representing a decrease of approximately 2.2%. This pattern of moderate fluctuation continued for the better part of the day, concluding with a slight uplift towards the end of the trading day to 0.08238. This recent exchange rate data places the Peso in an interesting position within the global economic framework. The stability of the Peso, which is often seen as indicative of Mexico''s robust economic fundamentals, has, on several occasions, been subjected to sudden market fluctuations, invariably underlining the inherent dynamism of exchange markets. The Mexican Peso''s performance today is also viewed in light of ongoing regional trends that rattle Latin America''s economy, including inflation pressures and shifting investor sentiment towards emerging markets. "Minimal fluctuations are not uncommon in the forex market," says Edmunds Rios, a currency strategist. "What traders and observers need to look for are signs of more substantial moves. It''s the trend we''re interested in, not the minor day to day undulations," he adds. As we move forward, investors will be looking for indications of any economic policy changes by Mexican authorities. Additionally, they will remain acutely responsive to any geopolitical developments that might affect the Latin American region as a whole, as these can have a bearing on the MXN''s performance. However, based on today''s market movement, it would seem that for now, the Mexican Peso is maintaining a guarded, albeit slightly shaky, stability. As with all economic scenarios, the foreign exchange market continues to be a space to watch closely, and the slight fluctuations of the MXN are but a ripple in the vast ocean of forex.MXN Exchange Rate Records Subtle But Noticeable Volatility Throughout the Day

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