2024-04-18 Mexican Peso News

Summary of Yesterday

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Statistical Measures

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Overall Trend

From the information provided, it is evident that the exchange rate for MXN does not remain constant. Instead, it presented slight fluctuations over the given period. That said, the changes were relatively minimal as they only ranged between 0.08098 and 0.08173. The movements up and down within this very small range suggest that the overall exchange rate trend hovers around a certain value, rather than showing a strong appreciation or depreciation trend.

Seasonality or Recurring Patterns

  • The data over the discussed timeframe does not appear to show a robust or clear-cut seasonal pattern. The ups and downs in rates seem random, indicating a lack of predictability related to specific times or occurrences.
  • However, it is important to note that the lack of a discernible pattern might also be attributed to the relatively short data period. Identifying long-term seasonality or recurring patterns often require extensive data from extended periods.


An observation of the data does not display any significant outliers, as the changes in values are marginal. There weren't any sharp deviations of the exchange from the average observed rate. This suggests that during this particular period, the market didn't encounter any shocks significant enough to cause such a change.

Consideration of External Factors

As per your instruction, factors such as market opening/closing hours, weekends/holidays, or the release of key financial news and reports were not considered in this analysis. Such factors are mainly responsible for creating inconsistencies in time-series data patterns, as they cause unexpected sharp changes. However, no such changes were observed in the provided dataset.

Forecast Details

As per the given instructions, no forecast for future rates was prepared based on this analysis. However, it should be noted that the analysis of historical price trends (which include overall trend analysis, seasonality, and outlier detection) forms a crucial part of the time-series forecast in Finance.

coaster Day A close look at the Mexican Peso (MXN) exchange rates for April 17, 2024, reveals a slight decline despite a day full of ebbs and flows. Through numerous ascends and descends, the currency showcased flexibility yet faced a noticeable drop. Kicking off the date, the MXN stood at 0.08123, maintaining a moderate station initially. However, as the day unfolded, the scenario changed as the currency faced a substantial slide, hitting its lowest point at 0.08098 around 02:15 am. The drop instigated by changing market dynamics signaled the beginning of a volatile phase. Yet, even amid uncertainties, the MXN demonstrated resilience. Sparking a positive turn, the exchange rates made a steady ascent, reaching a peak of 0.08155 near 03:50 am, reflecting the inherent strength of the currency in the face of adversity. Widening the timeframe to assess broader trends, it is apparent that the day was not devoid of market dynamism. The currency essentially traced a rollercoaster ride throughout the day, with turbulence witnessed in the wee hours eventually giving way to more fluctuating slopes. After the peak, the exchange rate demonstrated a series of minor ups and downs throughout the rest of the morning, tapering slightly to 0.08148 at about 4:50 am. Despite this slight downturn, the MXN rallied again to a high of 0.08173 around 08:45 am, proving once again its strength amid market fluctuations. However, post the brief surge, the currency saw a gradual decline throughout the rest of the day, barring minor fluctuations. As the day drew to a close, it settled at 0.08107, signifying a minor drop from the opening rate. Analyzing this performance, it''s evident that despite momentary troughs and crests, underlying market forces exerted enough pressure to cause an overall downward shift in the value of the MXN on April 17, 2024. Whilst short-term shifts in exchange rates are common, these fluctuations over a more extended period indicate changing market sentiments and potentially have wider implications for the economy. These rates provide crucial indicators for importers, exporters, investors, and policy-makers. Looking forward, it’s essential to keep a steady eye on the geopolitical and economic indicators that might influence the MXN''s performance. Key events such as trade agreements, monetary policy changes, and global macroeconomic factors should be considered, as these could possibly indicate future implications for the exchange rate. Market dynamics are unpredictable, and financial markets are no different. However, understanding the trends and factors influencing these trends can empower stakeholders to make informed decisions, staying prepared in today''s complex financial landscape.MXN Sees Slight Decline in Exchange Rates Through Rollercoaster Day

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