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All you need to know regarding buy CAD online

There are 3 ways you can purchase Canadian dollars online

Pending on your payment method, purchased Canadian dollar transaction takes 1 - 2 days to complete.

  • Purchase Canadian dollars online via branch transfer from RBC or BMO

    If you are a RBC or BMO customer, you can transfer US dollars to 1 of our bank account at RBC or BMO. We can receive the payment immidately and transfer the purchased Canadian dollars to your account at RBC or BMO right the way.

  • Trade USD online from non RBC or BMO bank account

    With your permission, we can withdraw a specific amount of US dollar out of your account. This preauthorized debit action is same as you preauthorized utility companies to withdraw money from your bank account to pay your utility bills.

    Upon recieve your payment on the next business day, we will pay Canadian dollars to your bank account in any fincial institutions in Canada. The CAD payment takes 1 business day to reach to your account.

  • There is no limit to purchase CAD online

    From the trade point of view, there is no limit on how much Canadian dollars you can buy online. However, there are a few restrictions on payment processing point of view.

  • $10,000 pey day to receive CAD by email transfer

    Most customers have a limit on how much they can receive by email transfer per day. Usually, the limit is $10,000 Canadian dollar daily.

  • There is no limit to buy CAD online by EFT

    EFT stands for electrical fund transfer. There is no limit on this payment method.

  • We are a Canadian federal registered and regulated business.

    We are a Canadian federal government registered and regulated business, our license no. is M11432814.

  • We have a decate history of dealing currency exchange.

    We conduct currency exchange since 2009 and we have 4 retail locations across Canada.

  • We have on complaint on any review platforms

    We list our establishment on Yelp, Google and BBB review platforms. We have no complaints to missin any payments.

Buying CAD online is cheaper than physical locations

In general, we applied a better exchange rate for our online exchang platform than our physical retail locations. There are a few reasons.

  • There is no charges by banks to deposit or withdraw Canadian cash from our bank account
  • There is no rent to applied to each online transaction.
  • We have to make sure our online exchang rate is comeptitive all across Canada, not just in any particualr locations.
  • All savings above helped us to offer a more favourable exchange rate for online customers.

Hours are more flexable for online exchange

Our online currency exchange platform can assist customers 24/7. Our online chat agents and call centre agents are all working more hours than our retail shops to help customers.